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Our Story

Renewment = retirement & renewal


In 1999 Bernice Bratter was beginning her second retirement and having a hard time. She called retirement specialist Helen Dennis and asked, “Are there any programs for career women who are retiring?”  The answer was, no. Intrigued by the issue, each invited several like-minded women for a conversation– although they weren’t even certain there was anything to discuss. Four hours later the answer was, yes, there was lots to talk about.

This same group of ten women met monthly to discuss issues of identity, productivity, purpose and more.  With no intention to grow, others asked to join us.  Rather than joining our group we gave suggestions to help them start their own.  Subsequently, Renewment groups grew virally to about 35-40 across the U.S., many meeting anywhere from one to twenty years (and counting). Here’s a common thread of what we do is:  connect-reflect-renew.

Renewment’s growth is due in part because millions of working women from Silent and Boomer generations valued their work with few (if any) role models for retiring women.  Much had been written and said about retiring men and much less about women. 

Thus the book, Project Renewment: The First Retirement Model for Career Women, was launched and became a Los Angeles Times best seller.  It continues today to serve as a text and guide, with 38 topical essays and a guide on how to start and sustain a Renewment group.