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Our 2nd Annual Renewment Meetup was a day filled with inspiring talks and opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals who have embraced the next chapter of their lives.

(L to R) Bernice Bratter and Helen Dennis are the co-founders of Renewment (Retirement + Renewal). Photo credit: Bonnie Gruttadauria
Lifelong learning is a priority for Renewment. Photo credit: Bonnie Gruttadauria
Successful retired women share their stories at Renewment’s 2nd annual meetup. Photo credit: Manny Arenas
During the meetup, Rabbi Laura Geller assists with tips for prioritizing friendship qualities as women age. Photo credit: Manny Arenas

Second Annual Renewment® Meetup

hosted by USC Emeriti Center
Successful career women ages 55+ offer knowledge, insight and pathways to
new models of traditional retirement

Los Angeles, CA: On September 27, 2023 retired and late-life career women gathered at the University of Southern California campus for a day of learning, inspiration and opportunity to connect with other like-minded women who are defining the next chapter of their lives.

Renewment (Retirement + Renewal) is a forum and community of career women ages 55+ that began more than 20 years ago to support and inspire career women in their transition from work to retirement and the years thereafter.

“Renewment women are defining a new life stage for themselves and for those who will follow,” says Co-Founder Helen Dennis.

As a result of last year’s success, mission and potential, Renewment now has a formal partnership/collaboration with the USC Emeriti Center.

“We recognize that the data obtained from these extraordinary women is invaluable and is not currently available,” says USC Emeriti Center Assistant Vice Provost Dr. Janette Brown.

The morning agenda showcased a panel of women at various ages and stages of retirement and how they have navigated the journey from a successful career to their next chapter. The panel also featured two younger women who offered intergenerational perspectives. The afternoon program featured Rabbi Laura Geller with a presentation about friendship in later life, and a discussion followed.

“We hope to continue to be role models for future generations, increase impact and provide opportunities for learning and leadership for our participants,” says Renewment Co-Founder Bernice Bratter.

Highlights of the meetup were videotaped with plans for the content to be available for streaming as an educational tool for research and development.
Why is Renewment important?

This is the first generation of career women who can expect to live decades beyond retirement with no role models.

This is the largest generation of career women who define themselves by their work.

With no clear role models, women have taken it upon themselves to develop pathways that will lead to a future of purpose, fulfillment, giving back and joy.


More than 20 years ago, two successful career women Bratter and Dennis were discussing retirement and asked, “What’s next?” The answer was Renewment (Retirement + Renewal). A group of eight women in Los Angeles discussed the challenges and opportunities for this new life stage and kept talking… and Renewment was launched in 1999. Today, more than 40 conversation groups through the US have developed and evolved; all have grown virally.

At the beginning of the pandemic, virtual Renewment roundtables were launched with more than 100 women from across the country participating.

The book, Project Renewment: The First Retirement Model for Career Women (2008, 2013, Scribner) by Bratter and Dennis is the text, guide and suggested curriculum for Renewment groups. The book was an LA Times best seller.

For more about Renewment, log on to www.renewment.org.


The USC Emeriti Center supports USC faculty and staff in living healthy and purposeful lives throughout their lifecycles by providing opportunities for service, teaching and research. It is the only retirement center in higher education that is almost entirely run by college students. The Center supports USC faculty research and teaching while engaging USC students in experiential learning and practice outside the classroom.

For more information about USC Emeriti Center, log on to http:emeriti.usc.edu.