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Andie Hecht


Andie Hecht ran a public relations and media relations consulting firm for more than 20 years.  She made a career change to direct sales of cooking tools about 15 years ago because of her love of cooking. She is still loving her cooking career today and has no desire to retire yet.


Her takeaways at this stage of pre-retirement:

Not planning on retiring. Hope for more learning in the technical areas to keep cultivating/growing my sales biz and gaining new friends along the way, travel to see family and grandkids more, fears of technology I have not mastered yet.

Easy transition from corporate world to direct sales, surprised how much I would use my professional writing skills all the time in my website, social media posts, emails, etc.

Support from my friends and family near and far, refusing to give up when business dried up, tenacity from hard work, positive feedback from my customers gave me excitement and helps me tune out the negative/forgive myself for my mistakes.